Chesapeake Helps
Phone: (866) 722-4577
E-Mail Address: info@chesapeakehelps.org
Website: http://www.chesapeakehelps.org/
Hours of Operation: 9am-5pm M-F
Area Served: Queen Anne's County
Information and referral helpline. Connect individuals to a variety of non-profit services.

Department of Transportation, Maryland Transit Administration
Phone: (410) 539-5000/(866) 743-3682 (toll free)/(410) 539-3497 (TTY)
E-Mail Address:
Website: https://mta.maryland.gov/
Hours of Operation: 6am-7pm M-F
Area Served: Statewide
Provides information regarding the Maryland Transit System

Division of Unemployment Insurance
Phone: (800) 827-4839 (Toll Free Inside Maryland)/(800) 827- 4400 (TTY Toll Free Inside Maryland)/(410) 949-0011 (Baltimore Area and Out of State)/(410) 767-2727 (TTY Baltimore and Out of State)
E-Mail Address: ui@dllr.state.md.us
Website: http://www.dllr.state.md.us/employment/unemployment.shtml
Hours of Operation: 7:30am-4pm M-F
Area Served: Statewide
Provides benefits to persons who are unemployed through no fault of their own and who are ready, willing and able to work, and actively seeking work

GLBT National Help Center
Phone: (888) 843-4564 (National Hotline)/(800) 246-7743 (Youth Hotline)
E-Mail Address: help@GLBThotline.org
Website: http://www.glbthotline.org/
Hours of Operation: 4pm-12am M-F, 12pm-5pm Sat
Area Served: Nationwide
Provides peer counseling resources

Maryland Peer Warm-Line
Phone: (877) 794-7337
Email Address: daphne@ooomc.org
Hours of Operation: 10am-10pm M-Sun
Area Served: Statewide
The warm-line is a toll free number that is peer run and peer operated. Helps individuals living with mental health and/or substance use needs. Provides support and resources for people who are having a difficult time, might feel isolated, might be entering in or out of a hospital, or just need to talk to somebody.

Minority Health Resource Center (Referrals Only)
Phone: (800) 444-6472
E-Mail Address: info@minorityhealth.hhs.gov
Website: http://www.minorityhealth.hhs.gov
Hours of Operation:
Area Served: Nationwide
Speak with bilingual (English/Spanish) information specialists

Social Security Administration
Phone: (800) 772-1213/(800) 325-0778 (TTY)
E-Mail Address:
Website: http://www.socialsecurity.gov
Hours of Operation: 24/7/TTY: 7am-7pm M-F
Area Served: Nationwide
Information regarding benefits, retirement, disability, supplemental security income, and Medicare

University of Maryland Help Center Hotline
Phone: (301) 314-4357
E-Mail Address:
Website: https://hcresources.wordpress.com/
Hours of Operation: 2pm-2am M-Th, 2pm-10pm F, 4pm-12am Sat-Sun
Area Served: Prince George's County
Provides free peer telephone counseling to University of Maryland students and the larger community.

Veterans Crisis Hotline
Phone: (877) 838-2838
E-Mail Address:
Website: http://veteranscall.us/
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Area Served: Nationwide
Provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention for veterans.

Walden Sierra Crisis Hotline
Phone: (301) 863-6661/(888) 912-7366/(301) 997-1300/(888) 912-7366
Email Address:
Website: http://www.waldensierra.org
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Area Served: St. Mary's County
The crisis hotline provides 24 hour access to trained crisis workers and on call professional counselors for a range of issues including but not limited to domestic violence, rape/sexual assault, mental health, addiction, homelessness and family issues.

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